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How to build high performing privacy teams

Learn more about:

  • Business perceptions towards privacy
  • The privacy skills shortage
  • Pitfalls and challenges when building teams
  • Getting the right infrastructure in place
  • Important soft skills for privacy candidates
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Build better privacy functions

Based on research conducted by Stott and May, this guide examines the internal and external factors that are shaping the development of high-performing privacy functions - at a pivotal moment of change in the industry. This unique market update features primary research insights from 50 privacy leaders across the UK and US along with expert commentary from Privatus Consulting to provide you with the context you need to drive progress.

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Key findings from the Privacy 50


Believe their business sees privacy as a regulatory necessity.


Cite a shortage of privacy skills in their company.


State that they are struggling to put the right infrastructure in place.


Initiative & the ability to work independently is top soft skill. 

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Michelle Dennedy

Michelle Dennedy
Partner & Co-Founder - Privatus Consulting

"If you can keep track of what that data nutrition label looks like for your internal operations, and what you hope to provide for customers, then you are really moving down a chain where I can see where I fit in as your vendor or as your customer, making it faster for you close business and a have a contract that reflects the actual risk that you are undertaking."


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