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Download our Cyber Security in Focus Report.

Featuring an interview with Jane Frankland - CISO Advisor, Speaker, Author & Champion of Women in Security


We've turned our lens on the trends, regulation and vital questions evolving within the cyber security space. In this report we aim to give you a broad insight collected from the views of your peers within the industry. Some of the findings might surprise you some might not. But if you want to get genuine insight from your peers to help you navigate the challenges associated with an industry that’s evolving at lightning speed, then read on.

This report includes:

  • The business perception of the security function
  • Barriers to progressing cyber security strategy
  • Key areas for technology investment in 2018
  • The state of play regarding GDPR compliance
  • Attitudes towards MSSP’s
  • The impact of the skills shortage
  • Salary benchmarks for all key security roles
  • Interview with Jane Frankland covering talent and diversity