Cyber Security in Focus 2022

Check out our annual state of the market report, which explores the views of a snapshot cohort of 55 security leaders on key themes, including; the skills shortage, barriers to strategy execution, the business perception of cyber security, and more.

This paper also includes insight from William Lin, Managing Director at Forgepoint Capital, on the emergence of the engineering-centric CISO, and James Dolph, CISO at Guidewire Software, on product security trends that make up a vital component of any company's value proposition and ongoing operations.




Here are some of the headlines

87 %

point to a shortage of cyber security skills in their organization

43 %

suggest internal skills are the most significant barrier to strategy execution

73 %

believe a hybrid working pattern is the future for their teams

62 %

strongly agree their business believes the security function adds value to the proposition

80 %

noted that their business sees cyber security as a strategic priority

51 %

are concerned that security investment is not keeping pace with digital business

What's covered in the research?

Primary Research

Get the thoughts of a snapshot cohort of 55 cyber security leaders on critical issues.

The Engineering-centric CISO

Learn more about the latest technology trends and their impact on CISOs.

Product Security in the spotlight

Access advice on how to build more effective product security functions.

Salary Guidance

Ensure you have access to the latest salary benchmarks for key security hires.

Expert tips and commentary

Advice from the front line

William Lin

William Lin

Managing Director

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James Dolph

James Dolph

Chief Information Security Officer

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