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Featuring Leo Perrotta, Head of Technology Delivery at Yell


If Agile is the key to satisfying customer demand and creating first mover advantage, then why has it taken so long for organisations to implement it? This paper attempts to put this question under the microscope and help technology professionals, that are on the journey towards Agile transformation, understand the challenges ahead and develop strategies to overcome them. 

Our research is supported by a sample of 70 practitioners with hands on experience of Agile implementation (at various stages) with job titles ranging from: Directors Software Engineering, Heads of IT, Heads of Digital Engineering, Heads of Agile, Heads of Transformation & Integration, Development Managers/Team Leads, Lead Scrum Masters, Agile Delivery Managers, Agile Programme Managers, Product Managers and PMO Managers.

In this report you will learn:

  • The current state of play with Agile adoption
  • The common hurdles to implementing Agile 
  • Practical advice to ensure progress
  • Tips to measure the success of your Agile initiative
  • The barriers to digital transformation success
  • The key checklist items for an Agile implementation